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The Stamford Church of Christ is a group of people dedicated to seeking God, caring for one another, and blessing our world. We are committed to growing more kind, more selfless, more compassionate, and more forgiving to ourselves and to others. We value critical thinking, study, honesty, and good questions over easy answers. We strive for justice, not perfection, in our inner lives, our relationships, and our communities. We prioritize serving our local community. We are a multi-ethnic church, inclusive of all regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation, and egalitarian in our leadership. 

Our Values

We honor as our spiritual heritage those attempts that began in America in the 19th century to restore the life and spirit of Christianity as exhibited by Jesus and his apostles. Central to our faith is the sacrificial love of Jesus which orients us to a life of self-emptying love, service, and joy with and for all those in our midst. The values that extend from this central notion of faith include: 

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1264 High Ridge Road

Stamford, CT 06903


Bible Study: 10:00 AM

Worship: 11:00 AM


Discussion Class: 7:00 PM

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1264 High Ridge Rd.

Stamford, CT 06903-4999

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